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CEO Goto speaks at the 5th seminar of "D-lab@Matsumoto" as a lecturer

The 5th seminar of D-lab@Matsumoto, a laboratory aimed at designing the future of Matsumoto-city using digital technology, was held on Monday, March 20, 2023. This laboratory was launched by the DX Promotion Headquarters of the City of Matsumoto's General Strategy Bureau. Ryosuke Goto, CEO of Search Space Inc., participated as a lecturer.

The presentation, titled "The World of Computer Vision," explained the history and present state of computer vision, as well as the basic mechanisms of image recognition AI and three-dimensional data, using examples of municipal applications of AI technology.

During the Q&A, they discussed predictions for a society with advanced AI technology and emphasized the significance of collaboration between diverse experts and data scientists to effectively leverage AI in such a society.

Contents Excerpt

1. What is computer vision?

2. Expansion and rising expectations

3. AI's winter era

4. Turning point of computer vision

5. How does AI see the world?

6. AI Implementation for Society


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