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Participated in "Digital City Matsumoto Promotion Organization"

Search Space Inc. has joined the "Digital City Matsumoto Promotion Organization" to promote the digitalization of Matsumoto City, and CEO Goto attended the establishment meeting as a member of the steering committee on March 12.

Matsumoto City has positioned "DX and digitalization" as a priority strategy in its comprehensive plan for 2021, and has established the Digital City Matsumoto Promotion Organization as an organization to promote this strategy.

The seven participating companies include Seiko Epson, Softbank, TV Matsumoto, NEC, NTT East, Hitachi Systems, Nagano Prefecture, and Shinshu University.

Through this participation, Search Space Inc. aims to contribute to the achievement of our mission, "Supporting the city with data science," as well as to the realization of "a city where people can challenge themselves in the digital field" as stated in Matsumoto City's policy on promoting DX and digitalization. We seek to achieve this through the development of digital human resources and other related means.


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