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Providing society with support by data science

About us

As experts in data science, we provide business support through the development and operation of AI-based systems.

By speaking directly with a data scientist, we can help you get a quick small start on your project while planning your future data strategy.


We approach product development utilizing the methods of the Design Thinking Framework. Information obtained through interviews, surveys, prototyping, etc. is visualized and analyzed using HCD (Human-Centered Design) methods.

We seek the best approach to issues from the perspective of users who actually use our products.


Discovering cracks from the outer wall of a dam using deep learning

We have participated in a project to detect cracks from the photos of the concrete walls of dams in Japan, under the supervision of Project Associate Professor Pang-jo Chun of the University of Tokyo i-Construction System Studies endowed chairs.


Automated inspection of rebar placement using image processing

In collaboration with  Mitsui Consultants Co., Ltd.,  we attempted to automate the inspection of the reinforcing bars used in concrete structures using image processing.


Discovery of osteoporosis using multimodal deep learning techniques

In a joint research with Dr. Yamamoto and colleagues at Kagawa Prefectural Central Hospital, we designed and implemented an AI model to determine osteoporosis based on cervical X-ray images and patient data.

​Our Clients

University of Tokyo

Yasui Architects &

Engineers, Inc.

Mitsui Consultants Co., Ltd.,

Tohoku University

Fujita Corporation

National Cancer Center Japan

Search Space Co., Ltd.


3-39-12 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya West Building 1F, 151-0072, Tokyo, Japan


Established July 8, 2019


Ryosuke Goto, CEO 

Business domain 

Business operation support in AI system development and maintenance, R&D assistance in construction, medical and pharmaceutical industry

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