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"I2oT" to accelerate AI development using IoT data.

Search Space, a provider of AI and software technology services aimed at specialized fields, is now accepting applications as of June 23, 2021, from partner companies interested in conducting demonstration experiments utilizing its IoT sensor-connected AI package, I2oT. The CEO of the company is Ryosuke Goto and it’s located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Background of Product Development

Given that data analysis and utilization can often become bottlenecks during IoT demonstration experiments, and AI-based experiments tend to result in high labor and cost expenses, we have created a package to simplify testing a series of processes that help convert sensor-collected data into machine learning and AI models.

Basic sensors are included in the package for collecting data. An AI system that automatically learns data from those sensors is also available in the cloud. To use the system, install and maintain the sensors and monitor the AI's learning progress from a web dashboard.

Expanding possibilities with products

The product's use case involves installing the sensor in a building, manufacturing equipment, power generation equipment, or any other object where abnormalities must be detected. Additionally, this AI-embedded product can analyze objects, like river water levels or electricity consumption, for future predictions and can be applied to other fields as well.

Anomaly Detection and Future Projections

Our AI system learns from past data to detect anomalies and predict the future. It does not require cumbersome annotation work and can be trained by a human to perform tasks such as classification and regression, using "supervised learning" with correct labeling.

By placing sensors in different locations and targets and allowing AI to learn from them, the possibility of automatically acquiring previously inaccessible insights and valuable information grows.

Analysis results can be obtained through the API and utilized to manage different systems, such as air conditioning units and water gates.

Origin of the Name I2oT

We have named our latest IoT solution Intelligent Internet of Things (I2oT), hoping to encourage better use of sensor data in the field.

Previous IoT solutions have often encountered problems with analyzing data and connecting to AI, making it difficult to utilize acquired data. Therefore, our company is committed to developing "intelligent" solutions with AI as a fundamental component.

Framework for Demonstration Partners

A partnership agreement must be signed between the demonstration partner company and our company.

By participating in demonstrations before the official release of the product through this partnership agreement, your company can conduct advanced demonstrations on a low budget and assess the feasibility of the solution early on.

Once the contract is signed, we will provide our package to the partner company for a licensing fee for the necessary time period (the cost varies based on the number of sensors needed and the scale of the analysis).

If you plan to keep using the web dashboard and API to access models beyond the demo period, you will incur an API maintenance fee. If you wish to continue to use the Web Dashboard or use the API provided with the model after the demonstration period, a monthly API maintenance fee will be charged.

Customization fees may apply if individual customization is needed for the demonstration experiment, and consultation fees may apply if a data scientist participates in the experiment.

How to Apply for Partnership

We will ask you for the following outline and issue a quotation.

  1. The theme you would like to conduct a demonstration experiment on

  2. The target you would like to predict with AI

  3. Possible types of sensors

After accepting the quotation, we will proceed to finalize a partnership agreement following a brief screening process.

Once the contract is signed, we will contact you to schedule installation of the sensor and begin using the web dashboard.

About Search Space

Since our establishment in 2019, we have backed numerous research institutions and corporations in the development of advanced AI and software-based products.

Our mission is to promote a better society through technology by leveraging our extensive expertise and implementation skills, primarily honed in the medical and infrastructure sectors.


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